Missions and Benevolence

The Missions and Benevolence ministry is for those who have a heart for world-wide evangelism and helping families in need.  They are responsible for making the congregation aware of our commission to spread the Gospel to the world.  They continually evaluate our mission program, keep the congregation informed of mission activity, schedule mission events and speakers, and provide benevolent assistance when needed.

To get involved with the Missions and Benevolence ministry, contact Denny Hancock.

Worship & Prayer

This ministry, in conjunction with the Senior Minister, contributes to developing worship services that inspire, challenge, and bring hope for tomorrow.  They schedule any special concerts or worship events.  They are also in charge of decorating the church.

To get involved with the Worship & Prayer ministry, contact Matt Shelton.


The Youth and Education ministry exists to encourage students to grow in their commitment to Christ, honor Him with their lives, share that with others through service and fellowship.  This ministry oversees both youth and adult Sunday School curriculum, Kids Church, Youth groups, and VBS, among other things.

To get involved with the Youth and Education ministry, contact Matt Shelton.

Building and Grounds

This ministry takes care of the current facilities as well as the parsonage.  They oversee any building projects, acquisition of property, and general maintenance.  They are also responsible for janitorial selection, acquisition of supplies, lawn care, snow removal, and any building expansion for the future.

To get involved with the Building and Grounds ministry, contact Jared VanBlaricum. 

Evangelism & Outreach

This ministry concentrates on the evangelistic efforts of our church and making sure our current members are involved.  Important aspects of this team include calling on first-time visitors, following up with prospective members, evangelistic outreach, and providing opportunities to teach others how to share their faith.  This ministry works to make the Church visible to the community.

To get involved with the Evangelism & Outreach ministry, contact Gary Stealey.

Heart Beat

This ministry is for those who have a heart for showing God's love and compassion to others in any way possible.  Heart Beat provides meals, sends flowers, mails letters and cards, and visits those in need to demonstrate God's grace.

To get involved with the Heart Beat ministry, contact Jill Prosser.


This team will organize curriculum and teachers for Sunday School lessons, organized community groups, and provide for the spiritual development of the congregation.  This group is lead by Gary Stealey.

Other Ministries


Every other month, our congregation serves the community by picking up trash that collects along Highway 50.  If you would like to take advantage of this opportunity to serve alongside others in this ministry, please contact Matt Shelton at matt@noblefcc.com.

Get Involved

Ministry Teams


M.O.P.S. (Mothers of Pre-Schoolers) meets the first Tuesday morning of every month.  We are always looking for volunteers to help look after the children so the mothers have a chance to meet together in fellowship.  For more information, please contact Kathy Judy at kathy@noblefcc.com.